Hot pepper research programme

Hot pepper (Casicum annuumL.) is an important commercial vegetable crop in india and one of the major export commodities among spices. Considering its varieduses for fresh green, dry chilli ,food processing and pharma industries ,research programmes have been designed to develop high yieldind hybrids combined with multiple disease resistance to cater both national and international market requirements .Genetic enhancements. Programmes have been initiated to strengthen the genetic base through creation of variability among CMSand maintainer liner (A\Blines), restorer lines (R-lines) and new inbreds for different market segment.
Wide and diverse germplasm collection of Capsicum annum , capsicum baccattum , Capsicum frutescens and capsicum chinensis.
Good collection of diverse CMS and restorer lines having
Fruit colour and shape variability
Mild –to very high pungency
Tolerance to leaf curl virus complex (LCV)
Resistance to powdery Mildew (PM), Downy Mildew(DM)and Anthracnose
  High capsaicin and oleoresin content
Genetic enhancement
CMS and maintainer lines (A\B lines)
Restorer lines (R line )
Breeding lines with tolerance to LCV,PM,DM,ND Anthracnose
Development of hybrids with
Early maturity and multiple picking
High tolerance to LCV and high yield potential
Good quality green to dark green fruits with high pungency and heat tolerance
Mild pungency and light green colour for fresh market
Dual purpose (green fresh and dry chilli)
Excellent dry chilli powder quality and high oleoresin content
Tolerance to PM,DM and Anthracnose
Export market requirements
 Products Catagory