Cucumber research programme

Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) is one among the most important vegetable crops which is either consumed fresh known as slicing cucumber. The carotenoid pigments of cucurbit fruit colour are an important source of vitamin A. the growing requirement of cucumber in processing industries has necessitated INDO US BIO TECH PVT.LTD to initiate crop improvement programme in cucumber
Wide range of germplasm collection of Asiatic and picking types having
Preferable fruit colour and shape
Gynoecious flowering habit
Resistance to cucumber Green Mottled mosaic virus (CGMMV),Powdery mildew (PM)and Downey
Slow seed maturity and extended shelf life
Genetic enhancement
Genetic enhancement programmes for development of lines with
High per se performance
Extended shelf life
Gynoecious fruiting
Multiple resistance to diseases and pests
Development of hybrids for
Asiatic and pickling types with earliness and high yield potential
High female – male sex ratio
Attractive green,dark green and white fruits with smooth fruit surface and without prominent spines\prickles
Slow seed maturity and free from bitterness
Resistance to CGMMV,PM,DM and other major pests and diseases
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